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WINNER: Most Patriotic World Cup Fan, Team One Advertising

I'm a creative writer who started in banking and politics, moved to tech and social media, and now call advertising and TV my home. I've written policy/propaganda for lobbyists (yikes), consumer content and creative for startups, and commercials and integrated campaigns for Fortune 500 companies. I've even written scripts for TV (most recently The Tom and Jerry Show). I also consult early-stage startups on branding and marketing. If you'd like to know which, I will be happy to tell you in person.

I've been nominated for 15 Cannes Lions, including nine in 2017. At Team One, my art director and I won the agency's SLASH award for employees of the year. I won a 2016 Digiday award (along with a large talented team) for Best Branded Content Channel, Creativity's Pick of the Day, AdAge's Pick of the Day, an FWA, a 2015 Creative Media award, and the 2012 Barclays Global Marketing Excellence Award for Best Use of New Media. I've also been fortunate enough to win a Society of Professional Journalist's award and two Hearst awards. To see the most important awards I've won, please see the photos on this page.

Clients: Lexus (You'll notice a lot of my site is Lexus samples. This isn't because I'm hiding my other stuff. It's because my most recent and relevant stuff is mainly Lexus because they keep paying me to do more stuff for them.) Microsoft, McDonald's, Anheuser-Busch, Warner Bros., LA Clippers, 2K, American Express, GM, P&G, Doritos, Samsung, Sony, Gilt City, HSBC, PIMCO, Lee Jeans. 

On this site you will mostly see TV and social/experiential/splashy PR stuff. I likewise have print, digital and paid social collateral, but I only have so many gigs of Square Space data. Feel free to ask me for the other stuff and I'll dig it up.

Interested in working together? Email me at esj2003@gmail.com.

WINNER: Funniest Costume, Klout Halloween

WINNER: Funniest Costume, Klout Halloween