Team One USA

Creative Copywriter
Winner: 2016 Team One Slash Award for most remarkable work in agency.
I work with the entire suite of clients on Team One's roster, but my focus is Lexus. I conceptualize and create fully-integrated campaigns for Lexus. My Art Director and I conceptualize and produce everything from TV to social. We've also been a part of winning new biz pitches, including financial giant PIMCO.

-Nominated for 15 Cannes Lions. 
-Winner FWA of the Day
-Winner Creativity Online's Pick of the Day
-1st Place Digiday
-1st Place Creative Media Award

The Tom and jerry show

Show Writer
As a fun side gig, I've contributed seven episodes so far to the upcoming season of The Tom and Jerry Show for Cartoon Network, with plans for more to come. Stay posted for future links.


Creative Consultant
I've worked a several startups of various sizes on their brands, including doing a complete rebrand for ScreenBid. My goal here is to give startups, especially early stage, a brand foundation to build upon. So often it's left to the founders to create a brand and voice, which is usually isn't their strength. And the next thing you know your users—or worse yet critics—have branded your company for you. By creating a brand book with lines, looks, campaign thought starters, community management tone, etc., these startups are far more adjusted for reality on the open market than others who are either too reactionary, or not at all with a confused message.


Creative Copywriter
I freelanced for Digital Evolution Group and Team One USA. For DEG, I produced social content for Lee Jean's Modern Man campaign. For Team One, I worked on the reveal of the all-new Lexus NX, as well as sustained campaigns for the Lexus F line of vehicles and Haagen Dazs international.


Creative Copywriter
Cinch is a new App, powered and produced by Klout, that connects people with home and lifestyle questions to people with great advice. I was tasked with creating and implementing a brand that would attract women 24-49 that make household decisions. After plenty of research, I wrote a brand book as I simultaneously wrote product and marketing copy.

The App has been received very well, including many positive reviews for its branding. It’s the best reviewed product Klout ever produced, and it only took 13 days for it to land on Good Morning America. Was rolled into Lithium Technologies following its acquisition of Klout.


I was hired at Klout in March of 2012 to accomplish three things: 1) Create a brand that was friendly to people who weren’t just social or tech gurus; 2) Design a content strategy to increase registrations and engagement; and 3) Rewrite Klout so you didn’t have to be a scientist to understand it. I’m proud to say we accomplished all this and much more. We redesigned and rewrote Klout to make it warm and approachable. We added millions of users through a much stronger and smarter content strategy. And now, even my mother understands what Klout is.

I was on a team that won the 2012 Barclays Global Marketing Excellence Award for Best Use of New Media for our work with the NFL. I wrote a marketing portal for Klout for Business that broke SalesForce. My work across the company helped land several partners, including McDonald's, Doritos, Warner Bros, and Anheuser-Busch, to name a few. I also helped write a white paper that landed a large strategic investment from Microsoft.

Kansas Bankers Association

Editor and Communications Coordinator
In my first job out of college I likely learned more about branding and messaging than in any job I'll ever have. The Kansas Bankers Association's primary role is bank advocacy, or lobbying. My role was to oversee the association's monthly magazine, as well as help our lobbyists with their government relations content. Through both of these roles, I learned to craft a story to illicit maximum participation—I helped our association raise record amounts of money for its PAC. I could construct a potential candidate's campaign brand, which usually required them to live that brand. I also helped bankers become hometown lobbyists. Lastly, I helped politicians craft a message for an issue. This job didn't require you be republican or democrat, only friendly to banks.

I'll never forget is sitting in our boardroom the day after the stock market came crumbling down, talking about how to save banking's image. Being on the front lines of that battle was tough and educational. Not many people sat in the seat we did, and fewer people survived the crash to learn from it.

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